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The emergence of crypto currencies and blockchain technologies has generated a new digital currencies class in which scarcity is based on mathematical properties. Through cryptographic verification and game theoretic equilibrium, blockchain-based digital currencies can be created, issued, and transmitted using software. iMining Technologies is an investment firm committed to exceptional returns for investors through actively managed portfolios of these blockchain assets.

Our Values

iMining Technologies is focused on advancements in the financial, digital currencies, NFTs, and other blockchain startup sectors. We aspire to help a number of intrepid founders build legendary companies as they push the boundaries of what’s possible. iMining seeks to invest in all sectors focusing on green energy, financial services, digital currencies, NFT, exchanges and cyber technology.

As financial institutions, governments and companies move from research and development to deployment of distributed ledgers, blockchains and smart contracts, iMining Technologies is carefully considering the legal and regulatory implications of, and risks presented by, these transformative technologies.


At iMining Technologies, our mission is to accelerate the advancement of a better financial system. Our mission is to accelerate the inevitable future of Blockchain economy by supporting as many companies as possible.


iMining Technologies is the first Canadian publicly traded company that invests in Blockchain-enabled companies. We do this by developing and supporting blockchain companies through our network, perspicacity, and access to capital.

Unlocking Investments

We provide solutions offering better visibility across single assets and entire portfolios and help you unlock the opportunities that maximize investment value with digital currencies.


Our team is passionately dedicated to making a positive impact on the companies where we are part of the team.

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Market Reports

Stay sharp when it comes to your business strategy and get a complete perspective with a variety of unique subscription reports that provide you with analysis, insight and context into key activities and trends in real estate markets across Canada.

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Adaptive Approach

Adapting a traditional long-term venture approach to investing in scalable decentralized networks.

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Accelerated Investments

Accelerating the global enablement of decentralized projects through impact investing and community building.

Digital Assets

Digital asset management firm. iMining also incubates promising blockchain projects and companies.



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IMIN Innovators

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